Solutions for Off-the-road vehicles

Goodyear TPMS Heavy Duty: Keep your machines working.

Your challenges

Companies operating off-the-road machines face a series of challenges


Unexpected machine outages are costly; not only having to find another machine, but also in the time it takes to source and provide that machine


Tyre related breakdowns generate high costs and impact operational output

Machine repair

Repair costs to machines due to tyre-related incidents

Tyre performance

Inappropriate tyre pressures can significantly impact mileage performance and overall durability through irregular tyre wear

Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emissions

Under inflation of tyres can lead to higher fuel consumption and increased CO2 emissions


If the tyres are not monitored and maintained properly, the safety of your drivers and assets could be jeopardized.

Introducing... Goodyear TPMS Heavy Duty

The Goodyear TPMS Heavy Duty solution helps the machine’s fleet manager to make appropriate decisions in order to avoid tyre-related incidents and plan maintenance efficiently

How it works

Tyre-Fitted Sensor :

Collects and monitors tyre pressure and temperature data in real time to detect under inflated tyres, air leaks and mechanical issues. It fits all types of OTR tyres. The sensor can be removed and re-installed when the tyre is changed.

On-board router and GPS

Records data continuously and sends alerts instantly to Goodyear’s web and mobile applications. It is suitable for a large number of OTR applications. Track your machines and monitor your fleet by defining geographical areas (Geofences). Also get detailed information about operating hours of your machines (statistics).

Feature Goodyear TPMS Heavy Duty

Tyre pressure
Tyre temperature
Slow leak identification
GPS location
Wheel position
Working in parking mode

Mobile and Web Applications

The Goodyear TPMS Heavy Duty solution is specifically designed to deliver up-to-the-minute information regarding the condition of a fleet’s tyres. With applications designed for both fleet managers and drivers, Goodyear ensures the right actions can be taken, without delay.

Goodyear Fleet Manager Web (Web Platform)

  • Customizable Web Platform
  • One dashboard providing you with a complete overview of your fleet’s condition
  • User-configurable reporting and new alert dashboard allowing you to manage your fleet your way
  • Track your machines and coordinate your daily business
  • Monitor your fleet by defining geographical areas (Geofences)

Goodyear Fleet Manager App (Mobile Application)

  • One dashboard providing an overview of all machines
  • Live view of your fleet’s tyres and live machine details
  • Alerts when a tyre needs urgent maintenance or replacement
  • Track your machines and monitor your fleet with Geofences
  • Instant information about operating hours statistics

Goodyear Driver Assist App* (Mobile Application)

  • Up-to-the minute information for the driver
  • A ‘live’ view of the condition of the tyres on the machine
  • Immediate alerts if a loss in tyre pressure is detected or if a tyre is under-inflated to avoid incidents

*Currently the Goodyear Driver Assist App is only available for Android Devices.

Powerful Goodyear G-Predict technology

Goodyear engineers specifically designed a suite of powerful algorithms that identify a potential incident before it happens. Data is analysed and potential incidents are flagged before they become an issue, which could lead to the machines not being roadworthy.

  1. 1
    Data Retrieval
  2. 2
    Data transfer via mobile network
  3. 3
    Goodyear server
  4. 4
    Data analysis with powerful Goodyear G-Predict Technology
  5. 5
    Alert and user-friendly reporting
  6. 6
    Preventive service execution

Benefits of the Goodyear TPMS Heavy Duty

Reduced machine downtime and reduced breakdown costs

Increased tyre mileage and working hours performance

Optimised tyre maintenance costs

Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

Improved safety

What our customers say !

ESD-SIC (Netherlands)
Goodyear TPMS Heavy Duty

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