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Goodyear Fleet Tracker: Easy fleet tracing for greater efficiency.

Introducing…. Goodyear Fleet Tracker

The Goodyear Fleet Tracker solution helps you to monitor your vehicles and assets, enabling you to manage your fleet your way.

Goodyear Fleet Tracker is a battery-powered tracing device which can be installed in any vehicle or asset. On a vehicle, it works with the engine on and off.

How it works

The easy-to-fit device continuously records the journey of a vehicle as well as its mileage data via GPS. The data is then transferred to the Goodyear cloud via the mobile network and analysed with powerful Goodyear Technology.

Features Goodyear Fleet Tracker

Vehicle tracing*
Mileage tracking**
Mobile and Web Apps
Easy to install
Rugged & Weatherproof (IP67)

Mobile and Web Applications

For each vehicle equipped with a Goodyear Fleet Tracker, our applications allow you to access your vehicle’s trace data and mileage information.

Goodyear Fleet Manager Web (Web Platform)

  • Customisable web platform to easily access your fleet’s data
  • One dashboard providing you with a complete overview of your fleet
  • Customisable reports dashboard allowing you to manage your fleet your way
  • Trace your vehicles and ensure that the planned route has been followed

Goodyear Fleet Manager App

• One dashboard for the complete fleet with colour-coded information at a glance
• Fleet view provides you with an overview and detailed information for the vehicles that are equipped with Goodyear Fleet Tracker
• User-friendly trace functionality* means you can easily access each vehicle’s journey history
‘• Information about the vehicle’s current mileage and mileage performance**

Goodyear Fleet Tracker is equipped with:

3-Axis Accelerometer: The 3-axis accelerometer allows the system to enter ‘sleep mode’ in an ultra-low power state and to reactivate when movement is detected.

Internal Memory: Sufficient memory to store over 55,000 records. Data is regularly transferred to the servers (depending on the configured data transfer interval). If the device is out of range, there is sufficient space to ensure no data is lost.

Benefits of Goodyear Fleet Tracker

Easy to install

Easy to use

Accurate journey history*

Efficient mileage follow-up (up to 95% accuracy)**

Potential vehicle location to support recovery in case of theft*

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*In the default setting, GPS is logged every 15 minutes. Data uploads every 2 hours or when vehicle stops or starts during the journey.

**May vary depending on the type of journey. The highest level of accuracy is observed on long haul applications (e.g. highway).