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Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader: Automated tyre analysis in seconds.

Your challenges

Commercial fleets face a series of challenges when it comes to maintaining vehicles


Unexpected vehicle stoppages due to tyre incidents generate high breakdown costs and impact operational output

Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emissions

Under inflation of tyres can lead to higher fuel consumption and increased CO2 emissions

Tyre performance

Under-inflated tyres can significantly impact mileage performance through irregular tyre wear


To increase the efficiency and performance of your fleet, frequent maintenance is necessary


A minor tyre failure can have a large impact in safety and cost

Customer satisfaction

Customer expectations continue to evolve, with on-time delivery models being regularly challenged to also provide safe and on-time transport

The most common causes of truck breakdowns are tyre related (incorrect tyre pressure, inadequate tyre tread depth or puncture defects).

Are you aware of the conditions of your fleet’s tyres?

Our Solution… Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader

How it works


Ground-mounted sensors scanning the tyre and vehicle parameters in seconds when you drive over it.


Tyre pressure, remaining tread depth, axle load* and total weight* are displayed in seconds.


Fast and user-friendly reports for proactive monitoring of your fleet. Take active control of your tyres condition.

Features Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader

Tyre Pressure Check
Tread Depth Check
Axle Load* and Total Vehicle Weight*
Vehicle licence plate identification with cameras
Reporting and E-mail Notification


Goodyear Proactive Solutions stands for innovation. The Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader is being recognized by independent experts as a leading innovation in the market and has received multiple awards in 2019.

Internationaler Busplaner Sustainability Award 2019 (Germany): German bus trade magazine busplaner named the Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader as winner of its ‘Tyre Management Category’ in its 2019 ‘International Sustainability Awards’. These awards recognise innovative products and services that offer environmental benefits and conserve resources in connection with the bus industry. Find out more 

IoMobility Awards 2019 (Italia): Goodyear’s Drive-Over-Reader was announced as winner of the 2019 IoMobility ‘Mobility Innovation’ award by #Innovability. The annual IoMobility Awards honours innovative companies and products that address the challenges of ‘smart mobility’ in Italy. Goodyear’s Drive-Over-Reader received first prize in the ‘Mobility Innovation’ category, after being evaluated by a jury of more than 20 experts from the transport industry.

Award of Innovation 2019 (Netherlands): Goodyear also received another innovation award at the 23rd Geluid, Trillingen en Luchtkwaliteit Congres. It is one of the largest congress focusing on Sound, Vibration and Air Quality in the Netherlands. The Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader was recognized by the jury as the best integrated solution having most potential to improve the quality of our living environment. In the final selection, the jury considered following aspects: air quality, noise, CO2 reduction, energy efficiency and road safety.

We are honored to have received these three awards. This demonstrates the added-value of the Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader as well as the innovation capabilities of our teams. Both are recognized by industry and innovation experts. Equally important is the fact that proactive tyre maintenance contributes significantly to a better environment by cutting emissions as well as keeping our customers ahead of the game.

Alberto Villarreal – Managing Director, Goodyear Proactive Solutions and Fleets EMEA.

Benefits of the Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader

The Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader automatically measures and analyses the tyre condition and vehicle parameters in seconds. This results in reducing

The number of tyre-related breakdowns and incidents

Fuel consumption & CO2 Emissions due to under inflated tyres

Frequency of tyre renewal

Tyre maintenance costs

Human errors in manual measuring

Financial penalties incurred by overload and late deliveries

*Only available with the in-ground version of the Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader.