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Goodyear Checkpoint: Innovation serving your business growth with the Goodyear Checkpoint

Your challenges

As an automotive professional, there are a lot of challenges that you will face in order to grow your business

Differentiate your services

Differentiating your offer will help you grow your sales and revenue per customer

Maintain the best quality of service

Maintaining and enhancing the best quality of service is important to ensure long term growth for your business

Differentiate from competition

The environment you are operating in is highly competitive. Keeping ahead from your competition will help you create more value for your company and for your customers

Ensure customer satisfaction

Customers' expectations continue to evolve. Today, customers expect a complete, high quality service, performed rapidly and efficiently

Retain your associates

Create a working environment where technology supports the daily operations of your team. This will make a long-term contribution towards employee satisfaction, engagement and retention

Most drivers are not aware of their vehicle’s tyre condition and will therefore follow the recommendations made by the car professional. As a car professional, you only have a few minutes to generate an up-sell opportunity at customer reception.

Anticipate your customer’s needs and increase your tyre sales!

Our Solution… Goodyear Checkpoint

How it works


Ground-mounted sensors scanning the tyre and vehicle parameters in seconds when you drive over it


Tyre pressure and remaining tread depth are displayed in seconds. The system also indicates uneven tyre-wear.


A tread measurement report is available within a few seconds, providing you with additional support when selling. Receive immediate and user-friendly reports on a customizable software.

Features Goodyear Checkpoint

Tyre Pressure Check
Tread Depth Check
Vehicle licence plate identification with cameras

Targeted and predictive maintenance

By using unique and powerful technology, the Goodyear Checkpoint enables proactive warning and early detection of tyre-related issues.

Predictive Technology

  • Identify potential incidents before they happen
  • Forecast expected tyre life
  • Maximum performance and mileage for your customers due to early detection of tyre-related issues

Unique Goodyear Alerts & Reporting Software

Unique Goodyear
Alerts & Reporting Software


  • Immediate notification in case of critical tyre condition
  • Allowing a faster response time
  • Improved service recommendations


  • Quick generation of user-friendly reports
  • Overview of tyre conditions
  • Indication of uneven tyre-wear
  • Color-coded design to make the solution user-friendly

Benefits to your business

The Goodyear Checkpoint automatically identifies the incoming vehicle and provides an instant diagnosis of the tyres. Your team will have an accurate report on the condition of the customers tyres before they arrive at your reception desk, helping improve workflow efficiency.

This results in:

More tyres sales during reception process

Increased revenue on workshop service

Better sales case based on accurate data and detailed diagnosis

Greater competitive advantage

High customer satisfaction and retention

Accelerated reception process with automatic control of tyre data

Generate more traffic and attract new customers

Contribute to a greater road safety

* only available with the in-ground version of the Goodyear Checkpoint